We have received and used the sample of the Gold.
We have our first scale that we used this on, back to us yesterday and we like the results.
The cleanup after Galvanizing is minimal and we are VERY satisfied with this gold formula.
Between the two formulas we are pleased with the results and wish to add you as a supplier for our galv. Prep needs.
We have cut our prep time significantly for a standard 70 foot truck scale from about 120 min to less than 30 min.
In turn our clean out and prep for assembly and install time has dropped from about 6 hours to less than 30 min as well.
Thanks for your help with this.

Brent W. Kauser
Mettler-Toledo, LLC.

"We finally got a project all of the way through with the Galvastop on it. It did work well."

Tim Richardson | Materials Manager
Porter Corporation

"We did get a chance to use your product and it worked fantastic! Thanks for your help!"

Steve Ingram
WF Steel
Alberta, Canada

"We loved the stuff - thanks again for the sample. Saves us considerable time."

BeaverFit USA