C-12 Activator

C-12 Activator is alkaline based and formulated with special wetting agents. A proprietary product, C-12 ACTIVATOR allows you to plate nickel over nickel, gold over nickel, and chrome over chrome, or chrome skip, and chrome miss, with a perfect bond and 100% adhesion.

It can also be used between copper and nickel, nickel and gold, nickel and chrome, to eliminate passivation or lamination on the above alloys.

When plating gold over nickel, with the use of C-12 Activator, the throwing power increases at the low current density area. The same holds true when activating nickel, chrome, or gold.

It makes stripping a thing of the past. If the first coat is not peeling or burned (nickel or chrome), replate the nickel or chrome, do not strip it. Replating problems are gone, with the use of C-12 Activator. When activating chrome over chrome, do not use acid in C-12 Activator solution (bath).

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C-9 Carbon-Troll

Stops the build up of either sodium or potassium carbonate when added to any cyanide bath. A soluble complex is formed with the existing carbonates. While filtering the bath for organics, you are also filtering out the carbonates that the C-9 Carbon Troll has broken down through conversion.

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galvastop® - Made in the USA!

Galvastop® is an easy to use paint-on masking product for Hot Dip Galvanizing that goes through all pretreatments and comes out of the kettle as an ash that is simply wire brushed off. Unwanted zinc sticks to the Galvastop® and not the steel, allowing you to easily remove both. No grinding or retapping required.