Our new formula provides the same masking performance of our Galvastop® Red.

Now available in a VOC Exempt formulation designed to provide an economical masking product that can be used on most projects. Ideal for flat surfaces, Galvastop® Green paints on with a standard natural brush onto a clean, oil free steel surface. Once dry, it is ready for galvanizing. Just wire brush off once fully galvanized.

Our New Green Formulation has two major differences;

It is VOC Exempt

It will cure even in Winter when it's below freezing

1 1 Liter Bottle (A little more then a quart) $40
9 Case of 9 1 Liter Bottles (2.4 Gallons) $315.00 ($35.00 per liter)
1 25 liter barrel (6.6 Gallons) $525.00 ($21.00 per liter)

Note: Galvastop® can only be shipped via Ground due to Haz-Mat regulations.