Galvastop® Gold is our new high-tack formula ideal for use on curved parts, threads and blind holes. This product has stronger adhesive properties than our standard Galvastop® Red and has a shorter cure time. Just like our standard Galvastop® Red, Galvastop® Gold is applied onto clean, oil free steel using a natural brush and is easily removed with a wire brush after the completed galvanizing process.

* A syringe can be used to apply the Galvastop® into internal threads and blind holes.

1 1 Liter Bottle (A little more then a quart) $45
9 Case of 9 1 Liter Bottles (2.4 Gallons) $360.00 ($40.00 per liter)
1 25 liter barrel (6.6 Gallons) $600.00 ($24.00 per liter)

Galvastop® Info Sheet PDF

Note: Galvastop® can only be shipped via Ground due to Haz-Mat regulations.